I’m here to give you the tools to help fix yourself. Health isn’t one dimensional.

Food, fitness, sleep, stress, and independence are all keys to a healthier you. Time to fix yourself.


I’m here to give you the tools to help fix yourself. Health isn’t one dimensional.

Food, fitness, sleep, stress, and independence are all keys to a healthier you. Time to fix yourself.


What I’m Eating: Winter 2017

Tip: This post is a bit dense. If you just want to know what I'm eating on a day to day basis, skip to the bottom. I'd suggest reading the whole thing for context though 🙂 If there’s any saying that I try to live by, it would be always learning. This is something...

Why Ketosis Isn’t Healthy

Without a doubt, the biggest health trend of 2017 is the ketogenic diet. Everyone is looking how to get “keto” for magical health benefits, but I’m here to tell you something different. Ketosis is not healthy. That’s right, I said it. Elevated ketone levels do not...

My Results of 30 Days Without Coffee

Lightspeed travel. Immortality. Drinking a gallon of milk in 30 minutes. These are things that are all seemingly impossible, or at least unable to be achieved in my lifetime. I have new hope. I just conquered an item on this list of impossible feats and have lived to...

No, Ketosis Does Not Ruin Women’s Hormones

Keto is so hot right now. Ketosis is the new kale, paleo, and superfood trend all wrapped up into one. The keto trend is also impressive as it is making a somewhat complicated nutritional approach that provides tons of health benefits something buzz-worthy that is now...

Will Taking Exogenous Ketones Stop Fat Loss?

Would you like to lose some fat? A ketogenic diet is a pretty good tool to help you reach your goal. You can use exogenous ketones which have been a popular way to help get people into ketosis and comply with the transition from eating carbs to eating fats. Once in...

Will Ketones Kick You Out Of A Fast?

You’ve been on a short fast, but your mental energy is lagging, your physical performance is struggling and you feel like you need a pick me up. You reach for some exogenous ketones as this is what the benefits of the products claim, but wait! Won’t that kick you out...


Creamy Mushroom Bone Broth Soup

Want to check out more tasty soup recipes like this one? Hit my Instagram! With the temperature cooling off a bit across the country, it is time to start cranking on the soups and stews again. As I've been working out a little bit more and doing more gymnastics work...

Sweet Potato Skillet

There’s no surprise how passionately I can get into a skillet. They are too easy to make, eat, and clean. I’ve gone Italian, Mexican, French, cookie, you name it — but now I have a new one for you: American.

Oven Baked Plantain Chips

So I post all of these awesome recipes for dips, salsas and guacamole then I get all of this hate mail that there is nothing to eat it with that is “paleo.” Oh, not so fast, internets

Quick and Easy Guacamole

It is a pretty safe bet to say that guacamole is one of the best sides you can add to a dish. You can eat some (plantain) chips, toss on eggs, add to soups and stews and it provides a huge punch of healthy fats and micronutrients you wouldn’t normally get.

Slow Smoked Beef Ribs

More meaty goodness always over on my Instagram.  Eating meat off of the bone is one of the most primal things one can do. Most hot, smoky, slightly charred, fatty cuts of meat bring out a certain hunter gatherer in me that isn't seen all of the time. This animal...

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